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"Thank you so much.  I love Offender Solutions® for my offenders.  The website is easy, affordable and I appreciate the certificate being forward to me and the client.  Thanks so much for all your efforts and helping us help those in need.  Margaret"

Confirming Client Completion

  • Feel free to contact Offender Solutions® to confirm client completion.
  • Ask Offender Solutions® to send a Certificate of Completion directly to you, (mail, email or FAX). Our Certificates of Completion are extremely difficult to duplicate. For additional security, if we send it to you, it is always embossed with our logo.
  • Ask your client any of 10 questions to confirm s/he was the one who took the class. Contact Offender Solutions® for a copy of "Ten Questions", with answers. (This is protected information - identity confirmation required.). info@offendersolutions.com
  • Offender Solutions® asks a security question and obtains an answer to validate client identity and, at random times contacts the clients to confirm the secuirty answer. You can ask our security question too. Contact Offender Solutions® to obtain the security question and answer. (This is protected information - identity confirmation required.) info@offendersolutions.com

Evidence Based Research

Using research based interventions is essential, not only to demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs but also, ethically. Our position is that we have a mission critical responsibility to provide the best, evidence based services possible.

The research community and virtually all of the relevant journals, overwhelming demonstrate the Offender Solutions® curricula which: a) uses education and, b) follows a cognitive restructuring or cognitive behavior modification model, will provide statistically significant change (results).

Simply stated, Offender Solutions® maintains a fundamental belief that all clients must be treated respectfully and are seeking a better life. Our approach is to help them assess their own attitudes, values and beliefs. The research indicates that the Offender ® cognitive model develops an awareness that results in an attitude change and subsequent pro-social beliefs and behaviors. The data also shows that these changes occur across male and female, juvenile and adult and among low, medium and high risk offenders.

Offender Solutions®, as an agency, has a research, criminal justice and counseling psychology background. All staff are supervised by a Masters level Counseling Psychologist. We are comprised of staff and consultants from a variety of disciplines including parole, probation, psychology, social work, counseling, corrections, and a research analyst.

Offender Solutions® Referrals

Who is appropriate to refer to an Offender Solutions® class? Of course you can refer any person you would like. However, as a guideline, we suggest you think of Offender Solutions® for offenders who are "average", typical or first time offenders. As you well know, we are more likely to be successful with the less hardened, serious or chronic offenders. (Though we actually like working with the high risk and/or chronic offender) We try to make all of our materials readable at the 5th grade level.

Making a referral? This is a subject we know something about. With our experience in the field of parole and probation we know that making a referral is all too often more work than is necessary. We promise to make it easy.

To the right of this screen are two buttons available so you can download our referral form. (Feel free to use the Microsoft Word or the Adobe Acrobat pdf form - they print the same document).

Simply download the referral form, print, cut and hand it to the offender.

When the offender completes the class we will notify you with a completion letter by mail. If you do not get notice from us ... the person did not attend. Please feel free to contact us about a client's status. Please note, a client must first give us permission to talk with you or send a completion notice.

Easy enough?

P.S. Please read our client testimonials.


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) ,
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

From a client:

By the way, I really found the information to be eye-opening.  Like so much of it was dead on exactly I used to think of things BEFORE I understood the reasoning behind why we think the way we do and what effects it has on us.  My biggest take-away was that in order to "stop" from stealing I need to stop the mental rehearsing.  I never noticed how much I really did do "mental rehearsing" until I read that chapter.  Once I thought about it, I realized I mentally rehearse on a daily basis.  That's the biggest thing I am going to do to ensure I never get in the situation or hurt anyone else ever again.  So anyway, just wanted to say that before I took the class I didn't think I needed it...now that I took it I am very thankful I had an open-mind while reading it because I learned a lot about myself.  I am confident the tools I learned really will help me in the future.

Thanks! Daniel

From a client:

"On a personal note, I would like to thank you for your counseling and efforts in helping people like me. This has been a very difficult 9 months and without the support of friends (you included!), I would not have been able to handle otherwise

I think your job is truly amazing and inspiring - pls continue your great work. I will certainly take your advice in the future. If there is any day that you are discouraged or have a difficult case to counsel, take a deep breath and realize that there is a person in Singapore, many miles away who think you are doing a good job and your efforts are indeed worth it!

It's kind of strange that I will not be receiving emails from you any more as this have become my weekly routine! All the best to you and family"

Signing off

From a client

Hi Lisa:

I just completed the Adult Theft on-line course.  I did not realize the impact my actions had.  Your course opened up my thought process to understand the necessary mental tools to keep me from stealing again.  Even though it is all up to me and the choices I make in life, I want to thank you for addressing the perspective of how others are affected by my theft actions.  As I was reading the lesson, I remembered a time in my adolescent life where our home was robbed and how violated and unsafe I felt.  I can now empathize with the people I affected and impacted.  I have always been active in my church. Since my arrest I have drawn closer to God and have been volunteering more to care and assist others who are not as fortunate as myself.  This was all self directed.  When I was going through the Caring lesson and noticed I now care for people more than I did and I ask myself "I could never steal from the church or its members".  I need to start thinking this for everyone, not only the people I know. Thanks for giving me reason to improve my life...




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